Do birds other than song thrushes break snail shells on stones?

BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Q&a - Mike Toms

Though all of our breed­ing thrushes have been recorded feed­ing on snails, it is only the song thrush that is pro­fi­cient in open­ing larger shells by smash­ing them against stones or other hard ob­jects. The other thrushes tend to feed on smaller snails, which are eas­ily bro­ken open with the bill. Black­birds have been seen to copy the anvil tech­nique on rare oc­ca­sions , though far less ef­fec­tively, and may also rob so ong thrushes of their hard won prey. Snails are of sea­sonal im­por­tance for thrushes, taken when favoured foods s are less abun­dant, and fea­ture most com­mon ly dur­ing dry sum­mer we eather or late win­ter.

Snails are a vi­tal part of the song thrush diet.

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