Do pray­ing man­tises re­ally hunt birds?

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Yes. A fully grown man­tis of the larger species – es­pec cially a fe­male – can be con­sid­er­ably he eav­ier than a small bird, so is quite ca­pa­ble ofo over­pow­er­ing one. The ques­tion is s how nor­mal this be­hav­iour is. A re­cent re­view of the ev­i­dence su uggested that it is wide­spread, ifi not com­mon, hav­ing been rec corded in 13 coun­tries and ono ev­ery con­ti­nent ex­cept Antarct ica. The re­view as­sem­bled 147 cases in­volv­ing at least 12 spec cies of man­tis and 24 avians, in­clud­ing hum­ming­birds, , war­blers, chats, fly­catche ers and fairy wrens. The ere are also record s of man­tises tak­ing g lizards, newts, frogs, shrews, mice, snakes, smalls tur­tles and a ba at.

I see your bird and raise you a small tur­tle.

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