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New re­search chal­lenges the rep­u­ta­tion of pu­mas as soli­tary and unso­cia­ble. Sci­ence Ad­vances re­ports that the big cats op­er­ate in net­worksworks of trusted in­di­vid­du­als with whom they in­nter­act reg­u­larly and shhare food. GOOD D FOR THE GOOSE OSE Chi­caago is in­und­dated with Canaada geese in wi­in­ter seek­ing safe­tyety from hun­ters’ guns.gun Re­search pub­lished in The Con­dor shows that the in­flux co­in­cides with the dates of the shoot­ing sea­son. All tagged city birds sur­vived the win­ter, while half of those that for­aged in ru­ral sites were killed.


Cru­cian carp, gold­fish’s clos­est wild rel­a­tives, spend long win­ters un­der ice. The Jour­nal of Ex­per­i­men­tal Bi­ol­ogy re­ports they sus­tain brain dam­age in these oxy­gen-de­prived con­di­tions but that it is re­versed af­ter the thaw, pro­vid­ing clues for restor­ing brain func­tion in hu­man pa­tients.


When sharks and al­li­ga­tors oc­cur to­gether in es­tu­ar­ine habi­tats, it’s the rep­tiles that come out on top. Ac­cord­ing to re­search pre­sented in South­east­ern Nat­u­ral­ist, Amer­i­can al­li­ga­tors con­sume four shark species,species in­clud­ing nurse sharks, and stingrays.

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