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Ex­pres­sions that con­vey ca­pit­u­la­tion or com­pli­ance are vi­tal in so­cial pri­mates, pro­vid­ing an im­por­tant way of de­fus­ing ten­sion and ap­peas­ing higher-rank­ing group mem­bers. By adopt­ing a low pos­ture this Celebes crested macaque ( right) is ask­ing to hold the baby of an­other, more dom­i­nant fe­male. The sub-adult long-tailed macaque ( far left) is demon­strat­ing its lower sta­tus by groom­ing a more se­nior fe­male, while the plead­ing fe­male Hanu­man lan­gur ( left) is of­fer­ing a quick apol­ogy to a su­pe­rior that she has crossed.

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