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Yes and no. In a re­cent sur­vey in Bri­tain, we found more or less all ur­ban ar­eas now have res­i­dent foxes. To es­ti­mate cur­rent pop­u­la­tion den­si­ties, we sur­veyed eight such ar­eas in 2013–15, where on av­er­age we es­ti­mated around 12 foxes per km2. Fox den­sity ap­peared rel­a­tively sta­ble in cities where they have been res­i­dent for a while, but had in­creased in those colonised more re­cently, with such changes be­ing most marked in the north. Fox pop­u­la­tions seem to be reg­u­lated by fac­tors other than just sup­ple­men­tary food pro­vi­sion.

In late April or early May, fox cubs be­gin to come into the open. Th­ese young­sters are about 8–10 weeks old.

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