BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Puzzles - Ques­tions set by ADAM JACOT DE BOINOD

1) the def­i­ni­tion for flew

A the sec­ond swarm of bees in the same sea­son B the strong ten­don in an an­i­mal’s neck C the pen­du­lous cor­ner of the up­per lip of cer­tain dogs

2) the an­i­mal you as­so­ciate with the ad­jec­tive sci­urine

A a squir­rel B a shrew C a seal

3) the off­spring of a mal­lard

A a chick B a fledg­ling C a duck­ling

4) the sound made by robins

A a boom B a chat­ter C a chirp

5) the name for a male drag­on­fly

A a hub B a king C a boomer

6) the col­lec­tive noun for mack­erel

A a shoal B a school C a class

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