Hazel dormice are in dan­ger of dy­ing out. But you can help save them from ex­tinc­tion.

Spon­sor a dor­mouse house for just £5 and join our spe­cial team of peo­ple de­voted to sav­ing en­dan­gered dormice.

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As ex­perts in the field, we’ve led the whole of the UK’s dor­mouse mon­i­tor­ing and rein­tro­duc­tion over the last 25 years, when their de­cline was first iden­ti­fied. We’ve learnt how the change in wood­land man­age­ment has dealt dormice such a dev­as­tat­ing blow, and we now know it can take years for a dor­mouse pop­u­la­tion to re-es­tab­lish it­self when disaster hits their habi­tat.

Your dor­mouse house will give en­dan­gered dormice the help they need to sur­vive, and help us re­lease new pop­u­la­tions to coun­ties where they’ve be­come ex­tinct.

Hazel dormice come from a ro­dent fam­ily that dates back 40 mil­lion years - we sim­ply can’t let them dis­ap­pear on our watch. By spon­sor­ing a dor­mouse box you’ll be a part of our ded­i­cated team pro­tect­ing dormice for years to come.

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