Re­source par­ti­tion­ing

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No two species in the same place can earn their liv­ing in ex­actly the same way. One will al­ways out­com­pete the other. Groups of sim­i­lar species avoid tread­ing on each other’s toes by spe­cial­is­ing to fill sub­tly dif­fer­ent niches. A sin­gle Caribbean for­est, for ex­am­ple, may con­tain mul­ti­ple species of ar­bo­real, in­sec­tiv­o­rous Ano­lis lizards. But each spe­cialises in dif­fer­ent in­sect prey at dif­fer­ent heights off the ground. Re­source par­ti­tion­ing is part of the rea­son we have so many species. SB

Ano­lis lizards share space by spe­cial­is­ing.

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