Snail-suck­ing snake

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WHAT IS IT? It’s never easy to con­sume snails with fi­nesse, but a snail-suck­ing snake is bet­ter equipped than most of us to style it out. Its flex­i­ble jaws can be squeezed into mol­lusc shells in or­der to win­kle out the tasty con­tents.

WHERE IS IT? Five new species have just been de­scribed fol­low­ing ex­pe­di­tions to Ecuador and Peru. Rapidly di­min­ish­ing habi­tat means that four of them are at im­me­di­ate risk of ex­tinc­tion. The sci­en­tists be­hind the work de­cided to auc­tion their nam­ing rights in or­der to raise funds for the pur­chase of a 72-hectare for­est plot con­tain­ing at least two of the species. SB

SOURCE Read the ZooKeys ar­ti­cle: https://zookeys. pen­­ti­cles. php?id=24523

This newly de­scribed snake has an un­usual way of eat­ing snails.

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