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6 Small, noisy crow with grey crown (7) 7 Yel­low-flow­ered Eurasian shrub, also called whin or wood­waxen (7) 9 De­cid­u­ous tree in the fam­ily Be­tu­laceae, re­lated to hazels and alders (5) 10 Noc­tur­nal bird re­lated to the night­jar – could be short-tailed or ru­fous-bel­lied (9) 11 The ___ tern, pale with a dark bill, nests at RSPB Co­quet Is­land (7) 13 Colour­ful neotrop­i­cal bird, re­lated to the bee-eaters and king­fish­ers (6) 15 Sooty-coloured chat, known for nest­ing in built-up ar­eas (5, 8) 19 Fruit tree of South­east Asia, Bac­cau­rea mot­leyana (6) 20 Mem­ber of the Old World song­bird fam­ily Ti­mali­idae (7) 23 Nar­row-bod­ied preda­tory fish that may grow up to 3m in length (6, 3) 24 Veg­eta­bles of the genus Al­lium with long, broad stems (5)

26 Ge­org Wil­helm _____, an 18th­cen­tury sci­en­tist af­ter whom an ei­der, sea ea­gle and sea cow were named (7)

27 An­other name for the mar­bled tuffet moth of North Amer­ica (7)


1 Cliff of ex­posed lime­stone that may be home to nest­ing ravens or pere­grines (4)

2 Plant in the mus­tard fam­ily, named af­ter a US state (6)

3 North Amer­i­can shrub, also known as bear­berry hon­ey­suckle, that pro­duces pairs of dark-coloured fruits (9)

4 Anadro­mous or ocean-go­ing form of the fish Salmo trutta (3, 5)

5 But­ter­fly whose black wings are pat­terned with or­ange and white (3, 7)

6 Large stork of South Amer­ica that feeds on fish, am­phib­ians, eggs and car­rion (6) 7 Coy­otes and jack­als, for in­stance (4) 8 North ___, US state in which lies Theodore Roo­sevelt Na­tional Park (6)

12 Lizard-like am­phib­ian, such as the olm or ax­olotl (10)

14 Cal­i­for­nian flow­er­ing plant with pink petals, named af­ter the clay in which it grows (5, 4)

16 Fly­ing in­sect some­times known as daddy lon­glegs (5, 3)

17 Flow­er­ing plant from which saf­fron is de­rived (6)

18 The ___ fir is a na­tive conifer of the Ap­palachian Moun­tains (6)

21 For­est bird of Africa and Asia – the col­lared finch­bill or yel­low-throated leaflove, for ex­am­ple (6) 22 Ur­sine mam­mal (4) 25 Genus of dam­sel­fly whose name is taken from Greek myth (4)

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