Mys­tery ro­dent

BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Wild November -

Few, even wildlife lovers, have heard of this wood mouse looka­like. Apart from its band of tawny chest fur, seen clearly only at very close range, the species re­sem­bles its more-com­mon rel­a­tive, but its range and be­hav­iour are some­what dif­fer­ent. Yel­low-necked mice oc­cur patchily in south­ern Eng­land and Wales, north through the Welsh Borders to Stafford­shire. They’re also more ar­bo­real than wood mice, spend­ing much time for­ag­ing in hedges and trees. At this time of year you might hear them scam­per­ing around their nests in lofts and sheds.


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