Ma­rine mead­ows

BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Wild November -

One rea­son many wild­fowl flock to our coasts in win­ter lies be­neath the waves: eel­grass. This flow­er­ing plant is adapted to life in salt wa­ter, with trail­ing leaves that form lush un­der­wa­ter mead­ows – now a threat­ened habi­tat. It is a favourite food of brent geese and whooper swans ( op­po­site), and of dab­bling mal­lard, pin­tail and wigeon – one of its old names is wigeon grass. The most ex­ten­sive mead­ows are found in shal­low bays and in­lets such as Stud­land Bay in Dorset, the So­lent and Strang­ford Lough in North­ern Ire­land.


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