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1) the def­i­ni­tion for snuz­zle

A to work un­der­neath or in the ground like a pig B the snout of an an­i­mal C to poke around with one’s nose, as dogs do

2) the an­i­mal you as­so­ciate with the ad­jec­tive ‘elapid’

A a co­bra B a pi­geon C a lobster

3) the name for the off­spring of a par­tridge

A a hatch­ling B a chick C a cheeper

4) the sound that chin­chillas make

A a screech B a squeak C a scream

5) the name for a male ibex

A a jack B a ma­cho C a billy

6) the col­lec­tive noun for par­tridges

A a bou­quet B a covey C a muster

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