Flocks away

BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Wild March -

Ev­ery win­ter, Bri­tain hosts in­ter­na­tion­ally im­por­tant pop­u­la­tions of mi­gra­tory wild geese. Among the rarest are Green­land ‘white-fronts’ – the fast-de­clin­ing, orange-billed sub­species of the white-fronted goose. They win­ter mainly in Ire­land and Scot­land, be­ing in­creas­ingly hard to see in Eng­land. Soon they will be get­ting ready for an epic re­turn mi­gra­tion north. To reach their Arc­tic tun­dra nest­ing grounds, amid glaciers and snowy peaks, they must fly over the North At­lantic, Ice­land and the vast Green­land ice cap. Fam­i­lies stick to­gether for the whole jour­ney.


Read about the species’ con­ser­va­tion: green­land white­front.org

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