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1) the def­i­ni­tion for my­omancy

A div­ina­tion us­ing a cock­erel B div­ina­tion by ob­serv­ing the move­ments of rats or mice C div­ina­tion by use of scapu­lae

2) the an­i­mal you as­so­ciate with the ad­jec­tive blat­ted

A cock­roach B heron C sheep

3) the off­spring of an echidna

A ju­ve­nile B pug­gle C tod­dler

4) the sound made by her­mit crabs

A bock B click C chirp

5) the name for a fe­male opos­sum

A jill B doe C hem­bra

6) the col­lec­tive noun for owls

A party B watch C par­lia­ment

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