BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Wild At Home - Ques­tions set by ADAM JACOT DE BOINOD

1) def­i­ni­tion for syn­dyas­mian

A bees work­ing them­selves for­ward in flight

B the state of pair­ing to­gether sex­u­ally (said of an­i­mals dur­ing pro­cre­ation and the rear­ing of off­spring)

C the sec­ond swarm of bees in the same sea­son

2) an­i­mal you as­so­ciate with the ad­jec­tive ardei­dine

A her­ring B squir­rel C heron

3) off­spring of a ter­mite

A baby B pupa C larva

4) sound made by peafowls

A squeak B scream C trill

5) a fe­male guinea pig

A sow B hen C doe

6) col­lec­tive noun for rats

A herd B trip C mis­chief

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