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1) def­i­ni­tion for soho (coined in 1307)

A in­struc­tion to a horse to come to a stop

B shout used to frighten crows from the corn­fields

C call used by hunts­men to di­rect the at­ten­tion of a dog to a rabbit that has been dis­cov­ered

2) an­i­mal you as­so­ciate with the ad­jec­tive phas­co­larc­tine A koala B crab C fal­con

3) off­spring of a moose A calf B colt C foal

4) sound made by ravens A trill B croak C war­ble

5) name for a male al­paca A hob B bull C ma­cho

6) col­lec­tive noun for trout A hover B run C clutch

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