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DAVID DOUBILET, USA Win­ner,Un­der­Wa­ter

The colony of gar­den eels in the Philip­pines was one of the largest David had ever seen, at least two-thirds the size of a foot­ball field. Th­ese warm-wa­ter rel­a­tives of conger eels are ex­tremely shy, van­ish­ing into their sandy bur­rows the mo­ment they sense any­thing un­fa­mil­iar. David placed his re­mote cam­era just within the colony, then re­treated to the cover of a nearby shipwreck. Af­ter spend­ing sev­eral days study­ing the eels’ rhythms and the paths of light, he spot­ted a wrasse lead­ing a slen­der cor­net­fish through the sway­ing forms – and he had his shot.

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