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BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Q & A - Stuart Black­man

‘DOUGH­NUT’ NUDIBRANCH What­ever this is, it seems to have more eye­balls than are strictly nec­es­sary. Doto greenamy­eri is a nudibranch sea slug, only de­scribed in 2015. It’s about 15mm long, and those aren’t eye­balls. (Nudi­branchs have tiny eyes and very poor eye­sight; they can just about dis­tin­guish light sur­round­ings from dark.) Those are chem­i­cally-pro­tected pro­tu­ber­ances known as ‘cer­ata’, which flam­boy­antly ad­ver­tise their tox­i­c­ity to preda­tors and also func­tion as gills. The cer­ata have been likened to honey-driz­zlers and stacks of pan­cakes or dough­nuts. This beauty, pho­tographed in In­done­sia, is graz­ing on its prey of choice, a colo­nial hy­droid – a coral-like an­i­mal that is more closely re­lated to the Por­tuguese man o’ war.

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