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Deep Ocean: Giants of the Antarctic Deep



“It’s the coldest place on Earth. A world locked away under snow and ice. So hostile and inaccessib­le, it has long concealed its secrets from us.” A mysterious start to this new BBC Four documentar­y, narrated by David Attenborou­gh. This programme follows the journey of a scientific expedition on MV Alucia, exploring the icy waters around Antarctica. On average, the ocean here measures between 4,000–5,000m in depth, so the team must use deep-sea submersibl­es that can carry passengers and descend to 1,000m – the first time this has been done here. The dives reveal a diversity of extraordin­ary creatures, many of which are new to science. They also find astonishin­gly large species, a phenomenon known as polar gigantism, including squids and jellyfish.

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