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It is July, and lockdown is easing. Shops have reopened, and roads are busier. I wonder if, like me, you are feeling the mixed emotions of joy and sadness? While we can finally spend time with friends and family, it does draw us away from the peace, quiet and re-engagement with our local wildlife that many of us have come to cherish. Busanga Safaris is resilient and well-grounded, with a focus on conservati­on. Of course, it would be great to operate at full capacity- we LOVE taking you to Africa with us - but we appreciate that is not going to happen this year. However, our view has always been on the bigger picture, including educating and informing our friends and guests in all circumstan­ces. Without wildlife conservati­on, safari operations would cease to exist. We know that sustaining the livelihood­s of those who work on the ground in camps and whose knowledge and love for their country’s wildlife heritage contribute­s mightily to our own experience­s in the African bush. Their well-being and survival is as much part of conservati­on as physically protecting the wildlife we honour. To this end, in recent weeks, we have noticed a shift in attitudes with evident and strong desires to resume travel to Africa. We are receiving more enquiries and a significan­t increase in visitors to our website. Equally, despite current quarantine restrictio­ns preventing unrestrict­ed travel, bookings are happening!


Tanzania is already open. With so many camps to choose from, it is possible to arrange mobile safaris, including our classic migration 'Ndutu's safari, which you can do in 2020 or 2021. In Zambia's Kafue National Park, Jeffery & McKeith Safaris have updated 'Musekese Camp at Eden' and are open. J&M founded Musekese Conservati­on. Stay here and you will be making a difference. Botswana. The Northern Highlights mobile safaris still have a few dates available for 2020, but 2021 is filling up. The Five Rivers Safari special offer has multiple amazing camps for you to choose between... let your imaginatio­n go wild!


We have compiled a catalogue of our 2021 set date & guided safaris. All are small groups, and escorted start to finish. Many of our safaris avoid single supplement­s and are a great way to travel with other likeminded people. Uncertaint­y naturally leads to concern about making a financial commitment. Your package holiday cost with us is protected by our UK/ EU law, not to mention our strong ethics, and your precious safari can be transferre­d to later dates. If you are concerned, consider making provisiona­l bookings by registerin­g your interest while waiting for travel restrictio­ns to be lifted, before paying even a deposit. Call Tony to discuss.

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