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The Isle of Wight is a stronghold for red squirrels, with the Solent keeping the greys at bay. I grew up spending many a day playing in a wood attached to my grandparen­ts’ property, with wildlife close at hand. Many years later, this acted as the catalyst that led to me becoming a wildlife photograph­er. This photograph was taken from a portable hide, in that same woods as I used to frequent – a wonderful, secluded location where I can sit and watch many species at close quarters. Stuart Shore, Ryde

1 Right place, right time During a family holiday at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, we were sitting in a Land Rover near a water hole when a Bradfields hornbill came to settle on a log close by. With a bit of manoeuvrin­g and patience, I was able to get this shot. Romaen Tiffin, Benoni, South Africa

2 Fit for myriad kings St Andrews Bay in South Georgia offers one of the most overwhelmi­ng wildlife encounters on the planet. With over 100,000 breeding pairs of king penguins – and continual presence of chicks, due to the 14–16 month rearing period – the sights and smells are indescriba­ble. Kieran Love, Montgomery

3 Colourful display Red-billed leothrix are very shy and it’s rare to see them out in the open. This photo was taken in Rishop – a small village in West Bengal – where these beauties decided to put on a shown for us. Pavan ML, Bangalore, India

4 Marvellous mimicry Namdapha National Park in India is known for its butterflie­s. One morning, I saw a dry leaf moving here and there. But, after a few moments, I realised it was an orange oakleaf. It looked very dull in colour, but it was a different story when it opened its wings. Souvick Mukherjee, West Bengal, India

5 On the rocks

Dove Stone is a beautiful part of England, with boulder fields on hills that, during winter, have waterfalls tumbling down the side. But looking closely, you can also see mountain hares. Rosie Dutton, Leeds

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