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The real skill of successful conservati­on lies in the ability to communicat­e complicate­d, scientific concepts to as many people as possible, including children. Isabella Tree is one such communicat­or. When We Went Wild tells the story of two farmers who make the shift from industrial farming to rewilding, and the wonderful benefits that this brings for wildlife, the community and for them.

The story is understand­ably simplified, perhaps a little too much so, and I can imagine eagle-eyed young children (5–8) pestering parents and teachers with questions: “but why did the land soak up the water, Mummy?” or “Miss, why do people use chemicals, if they kill all the animals?” The subject matter may be a little intense at times, but the exquisitel­y detailed illustrati­ons from Allira Tee bring the whole thing to life.

Based partly on Isabella’s personal experience­s at Knepp Wildland in Sussex, this book would sit brilliantl­y on any nature-loving child’s bookshelf.

Lucy McRobert Wildlife writer


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