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There are plenty of great photograph­y books to help you improve your skills. Here are ve to get you started…

The New Art of Photograph­ing Nature

By Art Wolfe, Martha Hill, Tim Grey Amphoto, £22

Originally published in 2013, this updated edition is packed with 250 stunning photograph­s and valuable insights on how to compose breathtaki­ng images from master photograph­er

Art Wolfe. A different perspectiv­e on how to take ordinary compositio­ns and make them extraordin­ary is provided by Audubon photo editor Martha Hill, while additional tips are provided by digital imaging expert Tim Grey.

Wildlife Photograph­y Fieldcra

By Susan Young Pelagic Publishing, £24.99

ThThe biggest challenge for nature photograph­ers eveverywhe­re is finding grgreat examples of wildlife to take pictures of. In thithis book, Susan Young hehelps you understand the subtleties of various hahabitats to improve your chchances of finding the birds,birds mammals, insects and reptiles ththat live there. There’s also useful advice on equipment and a guide to building a hide.

Wildlife Photograph­y at Home

By Richard Peters Ilex Press, £16.99

DiDiscover the techniques and technology Richard PePeters used to win the preprestig­ious European WiWildlife Photograph­er of the Year award in 2017 – wwith a photograph he totook in his back garden. AiAimed at beginners takingta their first steps into the world of nanature photograph­y, this book covers all the essential basics – from setting up your shot to overcoming the weather.

Digital Macro and Close-Up Photograph­y

By Ross Hoddinott Ammonite Press, £16.99

GeGet a new perspectiv­e on the insects and flowers thathat fill the world around us with award-winning phphotogra­pher Ross HoHoddinot­t. Ross explains hohow you can make everydayev flora and fauna appear othotherwo­rldly and alien bby zoomingi in on these familiar subjects and examining life at their scale. This comprehens­ive introducti­on to macro photograph­y contains everything you need to know about choosing lenses, composing an image and balancing the relevant camera settings.

Wildlife Photograph­y

By Richard Bernabe Ilex Press, £25

RicRichard Bernabe refreflect­s on the practice, papatience, dedication anand equipment required to capture images of ththe calibre that have cecemented his reputation as one of the world’s most influentia­l wiwildlife photograph­ers.

As well as offering a plethora of essential tips and advice, the book also features page after page of world-class images, along with the behind-the-scenes stories of what it took to get them.

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