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Adam’s favourite country places

1 Woodlands

“The Lincolnshi­re countrysid­e and coastline are stunning,” says Adam, “but it’s freezing when the wind comes in! I’m a sucker for woods and their sense of shelter. To be in a wood and the only person there – that’s near-paradise. I’d live and die in a wood. I like the calmness they provide.” • For more on Lincolnshi­re woodlands, go to

explorelin­ outdoors-and-nature/forests-and-naturerese­rves.html

2 Clare’s Cottage

“Poet John Clare (1793–1864) is one of my heroes,” says Adam. “Helpston is a couple of villages on from me, and I love the walks from Clare’s Cottage. They give you a taste of Lincolnshi­re – it’s a good place to start to explore the county.” Visit the restored house and gardens on Mondays and Thursdays, 10am to 3pm. clarecotta­

3 Burghley House, Stamford

“I love the grounds… some of those oaks and horse chestnuts,” says Adam. “As sad as this is, I take photos up-close of trees, or take time looking around a tree’s diameter, enjoying encounters with nature.”

4 Easton Walled Garden, near Grantham This 450-year-old garden – with its yew tunnel, long borders, rose meadows, woodland and orchard – is revered in the gardening world. “Spending time there is lovely,” says Adam. visiteasto­

5 Barnack Hills and Holes, Cambridges­hire The site of a medieval quarry, this wildflower­strewn area is now a national nature reserve, described by the Woodland Trust as “one of Britain’s most important wildlife sites”. woodlandtr­ barnack-hills-and-holes-nnr/

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