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Walk and unwind

We could all do with making more time for ourselves, and Werther’s Original can help you do exactly that – one delicious caramel at a time


Whether it’s a stroll through your local park or an exhilarati­ng forest hike, there’s nothing quite like a walk in nature to make you feel good – and Werther’s Original aims to conjure those same warming feelings.

Between the indulgent Creamy Toffee, the tempting Butter Candy and the oozy Creamy Filling, there’s a Werther’s moment for everyone. Why not try them all and see which long-lasting caramel is your favourite?

Indeed, just like Werther’s can offer you a little piece of warmth, so too can these walks. All these routes are beautiful in their own right, though each also offers a surprise feature that’s sure to put a smile on your face…

Marvel at secluded waters

The Nant Bochlwyd and Llyn Bochlwyd hiking route in Conwy is full of treasures, though the highlight has to be the highlevel Llyn Bochlywd. This small, isolated lake offers a welcome stopping point as you navigate the thrilling heights of Tryfan, one of Snowdonia’s most celebrated summits. Among the lake’s mostloved features is the unruly cascade that pours from its outflow between two huge rocky buttresses – this spectacula­r sight really does look like something out of a movie!

Walk with wildlife

Just 3.5 miles north-east of Newcastle lies the Murlough National Nature Reserve in County Down, Northern Ireland. Home to a range of habitats thanks to the vast diversity of flora and fauna, this place really is a wildlifewa­tchers’ dream. The trail’s long sandy beach, which is overlooked by the iconic Mourne Mountains, will also blow you away.

Step into a painting

Is there anything as calming as the sound of a river flowing? And you’ll hear plenty of that when you take a walk along the enchanting River Stour in Suffolk. As well as stunning river views, this route takes in some of the finest lowland landscapes in the country. So beautiful in fact, that they feature in many of iconic 18th-century artist John Constable’s works.

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