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Q what’s the best piece of busi­ness (or life) ad­vice you’ve ever been given? AIF you say you’re go­ing to do some­thing, do it. Don’t com­plain, ex­plain or use an ex­cuse. Just do it. It’s great ad­vice. Qwhat piece of ad­vice would you pass on to some­one start­ing out in busi­ness? Asame as above. When­ever I hire some­one, I’m ef­fec­tively buy­ing peace of mind. If they say they’re go­ing to do it, I need to know they will, so I can sleep at night.

Q what was your best busi­ness de­ci­sion? ATO set up Stel­lify Me­dia with Matthew Wor­thy. He’s smarter than me in ev­ery way and much bet­ter at all as­pects of this job. If you’re look­ing around for a busi­ness part­ner, make sure you find some­one smarter than you are. It’ll make your life much eas­ier. QIF you weren’t do­ing this job, what would be your other ca­reer? A I’D be a writer. I used to write com­edy scripts for ra­dio and episodes of kids’ TV shows, and one day I hope to go back to it.

Q your last hol­i­day and where are you go­ing next? A MY last hol­i­day was a week in the sun with my wife, Jane, and son Fin­tan. I think it was in Mal­lorca. I’m pretty sure we’ve al­ready booked for 2019 though.

Q what are your hob­bies/ in­ter­ests? AI love read­ing — I’ll read any­thing you put in front of me. I make a point of go­ing to the gym a few times a week. I spent years train­ing in mar­tial arts — Aikido and Wing Chun — be­fore work and fam­ily took over and I’m plan­ning on get­ting back on the mats in 2019.

Q what is your favourite sport and team? A I don’t fol­low sport. I only use it as an ex­cuse to go to the pub with my brothers. I like hav­ing a beer while a game is on in the back­ground.

Q IF you en­joy read­ing, can you rec­om­mend a book? A the Tao of Pooh. It ex­plains Tao­ism through the sto­ries of Win­nie the Pooh. It’s beau­ti­ful. Also, The Princess Bride by Wil­liam Gold­man. These books will brighten your day. Check them out.

Q how would you de­scribe your early life? A bliss­ful. I grew up in New Barns­ley Park in west Belfast, sur­rounded by amaz­ing peo­ple. My par­ents taught me that I could do any­thing I wanted. My four older brothers looked af­ter me. They’re still look­ing af­ter me to this day, if I’m hon­est. Even my neigh­bours were bril­liant. There was such a sense of com­mu­nity where I lived .

Q have you any eco­nomic pre­dic­tions? ANO

one knows what’s go­ing on. No one. Any­one who tells you oth­er­wise is ly­ing. Ev­ery­one is pre­par­ing for the worst. The one thing I think we can rely on is that it’s go­ing to get worse be­fore it gets bet­ter. I wish I could be more up­beat about it. Qhow

would you as­sess your time in busi­ness with your Stel­lify? A it’s

been a fairly steep learn­ing curve, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Q how

do you sum up work­ing in the me­dia/ TV sec­tor? A this

is the best job in the world. It’s hard work, it’s stress­ful and it’s in­tense, but it re­ally is bril­liant. I can’t rec­om­mend it enough.

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