‘I’ve played most team sports... and all badly’

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Qwhat’s the best piece of busi­ness (or life) ad­vice you’ve ever been given? ABE your­self and re­main cu­ri­ous in all sit­u­a­tions. Qwhat piece of ad­vice would you pass on to some­one start­ing out in busi­ness? Aas­sume suc­cess and live from that per­cep­tual po­si­tion.


was your best busi­ness de­ci­sion? Ain­vest­ing in Bul­let Time Ven­tures, which in­vested in Uber on the seed round. QIF you weren’t do­ing this job, what would be your other ca­reer? AI would be a ven­ture cap­i­tal­ist. Qwhat was your last hol­i­day? And where are you go­ing next? Aski­ing in the Alps with my fam­ily. I would like to go to Alaska.


are your hob­bies/in­ter­ests? AI love moun­tain-bik­ing and go­ing to live mu­sic.


is your favourite sport and team? Athat would be the Ul­ster rugby team ( above).


have you ever played any sports? Ayes, I have played most team sports and all of them badly. I have com­peted in ul­tra marathons and ul­tra moun­tain-bik­ing and have done quite well.

QIF you en­joy read­ing, can you rec­om­mend a book? Athe Age of Spir­i­tual Machines by Ray Kurzweil.

Qhow would you de­scribe your early life? AI was wild and play­ful and did a great job of get­ting into trou­ble at school.


you any eco­nomic pre­dic­tions? Athat

Brexit will hurt us and that we all should be work­ing on el­der care tech. Qhow

would you assess your time in busi­ness with Trov/ormeau Baths? Atrov

is pretty de­mand­ing and it fills me with ex­cite­ment and adren­a­line. I have learned more in this ven­ture over the last seven years than any­thing else I have ever done. I also love Ormeau Baths, as I get to see what is hap­pen­ing in the en­tre­pre­neur­ial sec­tor in Belfast and be able to help. Qhow

would you sum up what it’s like work­ing in the tech sec­tor? AIT

is a pretty wild, but ex­cit­ing, ride for the most part. It is fast chang­ing and evolv­ing, so it keeps me on my toes and watch­ing world trends.

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