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My daugh­ter is shortly fly­ing to the US to as­sist at a con­fer­ence and in­tends to travel for plea­sure for a few days after the con­fer­ence ends.

The com­pany she works for will cover her travel in­sur­ance for the flights to and from the UK and for the du­ra­tion of the con­fer­ence, but not for the plea­sure el­e­ment of the trip. UK in­sur­ers seem re­luc­tant to of­fer cover for that part of the trip alone. At present she is con­sid­er­ing whether to aban­don it.

Could you sug­gest any spe­cial­ist in­sur­ers that would cover her?

Jane H An­swer:

Travel in­sur­ers of­ten seem re­luc­tant to of­fer poli­cies to ‘non-stan­dard’ cases such as your daugh­ter’s.

But I am puz­zled that you ask about spe­cial­ist in­sur­ers, when a much sim­pler so­lu­tion presents it­self: she buys a separate travel in­sur­ance pol­icy for the full du­ra­tion of the trip. As­sum­ing your daugh­ter is stay­ing for two weeks or less, a ba­sic pol­icy from Colum­bus Di­rect costs £31, and cheaper deals are avail­able if you search a price com­par­i­son web­site.

While I agree it is mildly an­noy­ing to be dou­ble-in­sured for the por­tion of the trip while she is work­ing, it looks like the best plan to me.

It may be that a pre-ex­ist­ing med­i­cal con­di­tion means an off-the-peg pol­icy is not suit­able for your daugh­ter. In that case, a pol­icy for the whole trip could still be the best so­lu­tion. Stay­sure, for ex­am­ple, is a spe­cial­ist in travel in­sur­ance for those with health is­sues.

If your daugh­ter’s em­ployer’s in­sur­ance is an off-the-peg pol­icy not suit­able for her sit­u­a­tion, buy­ing the right cover is all the more es­sen­tial.

PLEA­SURE TRIP: get­ting suit­able travel in­sur­ance can be com­pli­cated

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