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Kate’s kind Easter gift


While Kate Garraway’s husband remains in hospital a year after contractin­g coronaviru­s, the GMB host played the Easter Bunny, dropping chocs round to friends in a swanky motor. Kate, 53, said, “Thanks to the fantastic gang at Peugeot, who have loaned me this car after ‘Vickie Volvo’ was pinched – we are mobile again!” Kate’s family car was stolen last November from outside their London home, and she said, “[It was] lovely to be out and about a little bit. It arrived just in the nick of time for us to deliver some Easter eggs to friends.”

Last year, she revealed on GMB, “Can you believe it, my car was stolen. It disappeare­d from outside my house.” She initially thought it could have been due to an unpaid ticket, adding, “Because Derek’s been out of action and not been able to manage that kind of thing since March, it’s probably gone through some sort of system and it’s been impounded.” Now she’s got a vehicle back in her life, she joked she was going to be good with it. She said, “The car is super-sporty, and I promise to be super-careful with it, so you have it back in mint condition!”

Life has been tough for Kate and their children Darcey, 15, and Billy, 11, but she’s trying to remain positive one year on. She said, “Happy Easter, everyone – so hard that it’s the second we’ve lived through in lockdown/ restrictio­ns, and of course, our second without Derek home with us. But he is still here, so we have so much to give thanks for, and there’s lots to hope for.”

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