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Holly’s expensive career advice for Piers

Pals exchange messages after he quit GMB


Holly Willoughby reached out to her good friend Piers Morgan after his sensationa­l exit from Good Morning Britain. And in a series of messages, she gave the controvers­ial and notoriousl­y outspoken anchor man a few ideas on how to relax and control his rage!

“Holly Willoughby was more concerned about my blood pressure from all the GMB ranting,” Piers revealed. “‘Do you meditate?’ she asked. ‘No,’ I replied. ‘But I did drink a ginseng latte today if you’re trying to “woke” me up?’ [Holly said], ‘You need more than that – do an online course to offset some of this anger.’” Piers continued, “Holly then sent me a link to one that costs £249 for seven hours of meditation technique training live-broadcaste­d to my home, which would include advice on ‘managing difficult situations’, ‘nailing interviews’ and ‘making hangovers less horrible’. And

I’d even get my own personal meditation sound to repeat softly in my head!” He added, “This would apparently all ensure I am ‘no longer ruled by my emotions’. Problem is that

I can’t imagine anything more boring than not being ruled by my emotions.”

Piers and Holly, 40, have been friends for years, so it’s only natural that she would make such a suggestion – although we imagine it might have been a tongue-in-cheek recommenda­tion for her fiery pal. The married mum of three and This Morning host enjoys meditation, and shared a photo of herself meditating with a

crystal ball – a present from her co-host Phillip Schofield – in January. “Starting this week as I mean to go on,” she said. She has also taken part in meditation live on This Morning and spoken about the importance of self-care. “I think that as long as you’re happy and healthy, that’s most important,” she’s said.

Piers – who celebrated his 56th birthday on 30 March, with wife Celia Walden and his four children – left GMB after making controvers­ial comments about Meghan Markle following her Oprah Winfrey interview, which subsequent­ly drew a record-breaking 57,121 complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom. The opinionate­d broadcaste­r decided to quit after

ITV asked him to apologise, something he felt he could not do. Speaking to Fox

Nation’s Tucker Carlson in his first TV interview, Piers dismissed Alex Beresford – who he argued with on the day he quit – as “the stand-in weather guy who does the weather occasional­ly”, and called his comments a “premeditat­ed attack on a personal level”. Piers also revealed that his co-host Susanna Reid was too scared to support him publicly, having given a short and “frosty” speech to explain his decision. “It is certainly going to be very different, but shows go on and so on we go,” she said. He told Tucker, “I honestly think she was in the grip of fear.” Piers also called Prince Harry “a whiny brat”. This story shows no sign of slowing down…

‘She was in the grip of fear’

 ??  ?? Piers is friends with Phillip and Holly
Piers is friends with Phillip and Holly
 ??  ?? With his four children
With his four children
 ??  ?? Piers argued with Alex Beresford on the day he quit GMB
Piers argued with Alex Beresford on the day he quit GMB
 ??  ??

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