Bella (UK)

‘You’ll still have the same problems’

- Katie Glass, 40, journalist

Of course it’s tempting to go back to your ex – they are as familiar and consoling as your favourite childhood comfort food or a Take That album. But there’s a good reason you stopped doing that stuff – you grew up. Your tastes matured, you moved on, and you found things that suited you better. It’s the same with an ex. Dating old lovers – and I can say this because I’ve done it – is for lazy people. It’s born out of fear, and given what a nightmare Tinder is, I understand that. The more tragic dates you go on, the more inclined you are to think, “He wasn’t that bad.” But, as my cattiest friend once said, going back to an ex is like a dog returning to its own sick. It just means going back to all the old problems. You might be ten years older, you might both feel wiser, but the dynamic between you and your ex changed for a reason. When you go back to someone, you presume you know them well enough to skip the slow build-up of dating and instead wake up to find you’re engaged – yes, I made that mistake. Let’s face it, if your ex was really so brilliant, you would never have decided to split up in the first place.

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