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Following Pippa’s advice will give your weight loss a huge boost.

● Eat protein first. When you start eating it sends a message to prime your digestive system. If you start with carbs, it’ll prompt the release of insulin, the hormone that tells your body to store fat, whereas starting with protein will help you feel fuller faster and more satisfied.

● Leave four-five hours between meals and finish eating at 7pm. This reduces the time your body goes into fat storage mode. A lack of snacks might initially make you hungry but remember it’s a natural feeling we’re meant to have!

● Eat different veggies. Take the challenge to eat four, or more, different vegetables every day.

This will give you more antioxidan­ts, which can help increase the diversity of good gut bacteria. These can affect your metabolism to influence your weight positively.

● Chew each mouthful 30 times. This can have a powerful effect on your digestion and help you access nutrients more efficientl­y.

● Drink two litres of water a day. It helps us feel full and keeps our bodies functionin­g well. You may need more if exercising.

● Cut out alcohol, dairy, sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners, processed foods and limit caffeine to no more than two-three cups a day. These can cause inflammati­on and appetite issues contributi­ng to weight and health problems. Pippa says this can be a weight loss game changer! Do this for 21 days, then you can reintroduc­e, if you want, to see if they suit you or not.

● Perfect your portions. Have 110-150g protein at both lunch and dinner, and 50-70g with breakfast. Get more fibre by having 110-150g (raw weight) veggies at both lunch and dinner, and 50-70g with breakfast. Eat starchy carbs just at dinner (none if insulin is your issue – see the real reasons box), with either 100g sweet potato or butternut squash, or 30-50g (uncooked weight) wild/basmati rice, quinoa or buckwheat noodles. Get enough healthy fats – 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil with meals, either as a dressing or while cooking.

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