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Hello and wel­come to coaches corner! This is our brand new page where we are go­ing to work on im­prov­ing your skills as a young player. Each month we will bring to you a new skill that we would like to help you work on. Month to month we will have a few drills that you and your friends can do to­gether. We would love for you to in­ter­act with us via our so­cial me­dia pages and send in your videos of you do­ing the skills and drills.

This month we will be fo­cus on learn­ing how to spin pass. You will

range of sit­u­a­tions. You use it when you want to de­liver the ball quickly to an­other player and for longer passes to some­one who is fur­ther away.

Po­si­tions & Play­ers that use the spin pass- Danny Care & Aaron Smith Scrum Half. George Ford & Owen Far­rell, Fly Half.


1. Us­ing just one hand you should pass the ball to each other, spin­ning the ball. En­sure the hand you are us­ing is to­wards the back of the ball. This will help you con­trol the spin.

2. You should make 10 passes on one hand, and then 10 passes on the op­po­site hand. This should be done un­til you can cre­ate an even and con­sis­tent spin.

3. Play­ers can change their pass­ing hand by turn­ing round to face the op­po­site di­rec­tion.

4. Once spin­ning has be­come easy you can add the sec­ond hand. This sec­ond hand is used to guide the ball. You should place the sec­ond hand on the half way point of the ball.

5. Now you have added the sec­ond hand you the power and the spin.

Drills that can im­prove this skill...

1. Crab passes- with a friend stand side by side. (Roughly 2 me­tres apart to start) Each time you suc­cess­fully spin pass to each other take a step to the side (like a crab) in the op­po­site di­rec­tion. Keep do­ing this un­til you can­not make the pass suc­cess­fully. Make sure you switch sides so you are prac­tis­ing both sides

2. Run and pass- this is a ba­sic but ef­fec­tive drill. With friend or friends. Run in an at­tack­ing line for­ma­tion and spin pass to each other. Make sure you are not too far away from each other to start with and that you fo­cus on stay­ing be­hind if you are re­ceiv­ing a pass. This drill re­quires com­mu­ni­ca­tion, pa­tience and team­work. (Tip! Make sure you keep your el­bows high and if there is more than two try and fo­cus on keeping the ball out in front)

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