Rugby culture

After competing in their first Internatio­nal against England in 1875 (over 140 years ago!), Ireland have been a passionate rugby nation and have never been lower than 9th in World Rugby’s rankings. Competing in the 6 Nations, they have won 13 titles and t


The Irish have also played at every Rugby World Cup since 1987, only failing to reach the Quarter Finals on 2 occasions! The women’s national team have been playing internatio­nal rugby since 1993 and they have played at 6 Women’s Rugby World Cup’s, hosting the tournament in 2017!

The Irish Rugby Football Union represents players from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and was formed in 1874. The side have generally always played in their distinctiv­e green jerseys with a shamrock and rugby ball on their crest - a shamrock is a small clover, the leafy part of a certain plants.

Ireland are well known for their passionate fans, celtic-flair (fun, running rugby) in the backs and big, strong forwards up front! Ireland will play South Africa, Fiji and Argentina this November and will certainly expect to come away with 3 wins!

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