Drop 7lb in a week on the PJ & sleep plan

Ditch calo­rie count­ing and gym ses­sions this au­tumn, re­search shows flab bust­ing this sea­son is all about a good night’s sleep. Try our PJ diet plan and you could lose 7lb!

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l A study in The Amer­i­can

Jour­nal of Clin­i­cal Nu­tri­tion has re­vealed that when we’re starved of sleep we’re more likely to snack on high carb, sug­ary foods at night. An­other study, by the Univer­sity of Chicago, showed sleep-de­prived par­tic­i­pants chose snacks dur­ing the day with twice as much fat as those who slept eight hours or more. l Sleep works like food for the brain, and sleep­ing too lit­tle can prompt us to eat big­ger por­tions of all food types the fol­low­ing day, as lep­tin – the hun­gry hor­mone – is pro­duced in greater amounts when we’re tired to perk us up. l Hav­ing a pro­tein-based meal be­fore bed can in­crease the calo­ries you burn while you rest, and as pro­tein re­pairs mus­cle while you sleep the more mus­cle you have, the more calo­ries you burn! l Sleep­ing in a dark room helps the body pro­duce mela­tonin which not only pro­motes bet­ter sleep but has been proved to help burn more of the stub­born ‘ brown’ fat. l Hav­ing the ther­mo­stat at a cool­ish 18˚C can help to burn seven per cent more calo­ries in bed! l Switch to our snooze-in­duc­ing plan packed with broc­coli, tur­key, oats and milk – and you could be half-a-stone lighter in seven days!

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