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Since school, I’ve had the same two best friends. We’ve all been through so much to­gether, but lately, the other two can’t seem to stand each other. I don’t know if some­thing’s hap­pened they haven’t told me about, but their dis­like for each other, to me, seems out of the blue. I’ve never been ‘piggy in the mid­dle’ be­fore, but they’re act­ing like chil­dren… in their 50s! When­ever I sug­gest din­ner, one will go on a rant about how much they’ve ‘gone off’ the other. How do I get my friends back?

Les­ley, 51, Dundee

Like you, Les­ley, I can never un­der­stand why peo­ple in their 50s sud­denly turn against a re­la­tion­ship that’s worked well for so long and like you say, act like chil­dren. The re­al­ity is you can’t make them get over their dis­like for each other. I’m afraid you can’t al­ways be piggy in the mid­dle, either, so I sug­gest you meet each of them separately and see how that works. Let’s hope the prob­lem sorts it­self out even­tu­ally. Of course, Christ­mas is around the cor­ner, so you never know – peace and good­will may win in the end!

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