Although I would love to say that you can walk in and out of a clinic two dress sizes smaller in less than 60 min­utes, the re­al­ity is very dif­fer­ent. Some pro­ce­dures are slow go­ing, need­ing many ses­sions, but take a look at these two min­i­mally in­va­sive op­tions… FOR FAT LOSS AND LOOSE SKIN – BODYTITE Where: Bot­tom, thighs, arms, back fat and stom­ach. How: Less trau­matic than tra­di­tional li­po­suc­tion, BodyTite re­moves stub­born fat, tight­ens loose skin and can treat up to three ar­eas of the body at once. The pro­ce­dure uses ad­vanced RFAL tech­nol­ogy (Ra­dio Fre­quency As­sisted Li­po­suc­tion), a form of en­ergy-as­sisted li­po­suc­tion that is less ag­gres­sive and works by ap­ply­ing ra­diofre­quency en­ergy at the time of fat re­moval. One treat­ment re­quired, with best re­sults seen af­ter three months. From £2,000.

BODY FIRM­ING AND CON­TOUR­ING – VIORA RE­AC­TION Where: All ar­eas. How: This treat­ment can soften cel­lulite, im­prove skin tex­ture and help shrink fat cell vol­ume. It uses ad­vanced ra­diofre­quency en­ergy and cir­cu­la­tion-boost­ing vac­uum ther­apy to stim­u­late bet­ter lym­phatic drainage and im­prove the elas­tic­ity of the con­nec­tive tis­sue, which sits be­tween the fat cells. Eight weekly 20-minute treat­ments rec­om­mended for best re­sults. From £200.

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