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This month, EA­MONN mulls over the fine art of hit­ting the tar­gets we set our­selves, and con­fesses that his res­o­lu­tions in­clude eat­ing more healthily, wor­ry­ing less – and wear­ing posh socks…



So Satur­day is 12 Jan­uary, and by then (so they say), most peo­ple will have al­ready fallen by the way­side when it comes to keep­ing their New Year res­o­lu­tions. If you’re one of them, don’t give up – it might not be you that’s the prob­lem. It might just be The Res­o­lu­tion.

We’re all im­per­fect, so we all have room for im­prove­ment – that’s why I am a great be­liever in res­o­lu­tions. Ruth com­pletely dis­agrees, mak­ing it clear that she will not be forced into any res­o­lu­tion what­so­ever be­cause she doesn’t be­lieve in them.

Fair enough. But I am of the school of thought put for­ward by the bi­ol­o­gist Charles Dar­win, who said that species ei­ther evolve or die… and I know which sounds the most fun!

My lovely wife, in con­tra­dic­tion, will ad­vance the ar­gu­ment that, like Mary Pop­pins, she is al­ready ‘prac­ti­cally per­fect in ev­ery way’. Although that is more or less cor­rect, there are a num­ber of things which, I would pri­vately sug­gest to her, per­haps need, shall we say, ‘tweak­ing’!

On the other hand, I know my lim­i­ta­tions only too well. I am a flawed hu­man be­ing, and those of us who see our­selves as such are prob­a­bly more in­ter­est­ing as a re­sult.

If you iden­tify with Ruth and shun the ‘New Year, New You’ phi­los­o­phy, could it be be­cause you are scared? Of de­feat, of dis­ap­point­ing your­self – there­fore, the eas­i­est op­tion is not to hold your­self up to judge­ment?

I know that I’m a work in progress and al­ways will be, but I ac­tu­ally like the chal­lenge, be­liev­ing that it’s bet­ter to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

At this stage, you’re prob­a­bly think­ing, ‘If you’re so good at this res­o­lu­tion lark, Ea­monn, why haven’t you lost any weight?’ That’s be­cause I’m not as stupid as I look – and, to that end, I like setting my­self achiev­able New Year res­o­lu­tions, im­me­di­ately rul­ing out the weight-loss thing.

As I have al­ready said, ‘I am flawed!’ The re­sult is that I don’t mope over what I haven’t done, so the small­est thing can seem like the big­gest achieve­ment. I be­lieve in play­ing to your strengths, not your weak­nesses. At school, I avoided rough games and any­thing that was re­motely pugilis­tic, be­liev­ing that, even­tu­ally, my face would be my for­tune, hon­ing in on the pretty-boy non-con­tact sports like ten­nis, golf… you get the idea. In short, know your lim­i­ta­tions! Pre­vi­ous achieve­ments go­ing into the new year have in­cluded: walk­ing the dog more, breath­ing more fresh air and feel­ing the sun on my face. Also, keep­ing tech­no­log­i­cally up-to-date, to avoid be­ing the mod­ern-day equiv­a­lent of a Lud­dite. In ad­di­tion, as a re­sult of my res­o­lu­tions, I now read more, sleep more, work slightly less and make time for the peo­ple who re­ally mat­ter to me.

This year, I re­solve to wear nicer, higher-qual­ity socks, en­joy my car more, watch less foot­ball (Manch­ester United ex­cepted), avoid lock­ing horns with Ruth, eat more fruit and veg­eta­bles

and eat less meat, carbs and take­aways (I’ll need all your pos­i­tive vibes on that one). I also re­solve to be­come sup­pler (it’s Pi­lates that does it) and worry a lot less.

Not only are all these wishes achiev­able, they are also en­joy­able. It’s a win-win sit­u­a­tion. It’s New Year and, if it’s not ex­actly a new me, it’s an im­proved me.

If I can do it, so can you – yes, even you, Ruth! It just re­quires a lit­tle change in mind­set. Let’s think about what we CAN do, in­stead of what we CAN’T.

Ap­petite for a new you?Ea­monn’s res­o­lu­tions don’t in­clude rough sports!

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