KATE GAR­RAWAY: ‘My liver’s grate­ful’


Good Morn­ing Bri­tain’s

Kate Gar­raway, 51, ad­mit­ted that she was shocked by the re­ac­tion she got for at­tempt­ing Dry Jan­uary last year, af­ter she was told by a GP that she had a ‘wor­ry­ingly high’ level of fat in her liver. De­scrib­ing her­self as a ‘mod­er­ate drinker’, who was sim­ply join­ing the other 3 mil­lion Brits plan­ning to give up al­co­hol for a month, Kate said, ‘I have been re­ally shocked by peo­ple’s re­ac­tions.

‘If you said, “I’m giv­ing up smok­ing,” peo­ple would put on a pa­rade. If you said, “I’m go­ing to eat more healthily,” peo­ple would say, “Good for you.”

‘If it’s drink­ing, the first re­ac­tion is, “That’s so bor­ing. You’re go­ing to be so bor­ing.”’

The mum-of-two (daugh­ter Darcy, 12, and son Billy, nine) now ad­mits she has tried to cut down for good. Though she hasn’t cut out al­co­hol com­pletely, she lim­its her­self to ‘one glass’ – and looks fan­tas­tic for it.

‘I had my liver tested at the start and at the end of the month and quit­ting booze has re­ally im­proved the way it was func­tion­ing,’ she ex­plained. ‘The change was so dra­matic that the doc­tor said I had a liver like a four-year-old.’

There’s no doubt, cut­ting down has worked won­ders for Kate, whose di­eti­cian He­len Bond, thinks is a trim size 12.

We’ll have what­ever she’s hav­ing!

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