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Feel­ing the burnout af­ter the fes­tive sea­son? We all turn to cof­fee, al­co­hol and sug­ary snacks to keep us go­ing, but these short-term cures cause blood su­gar to spike, then drop back to burnout. The key is to un­der­stand what you are feel­ing and try to man­age it. Even Su­per­woman knew how to del­e­gate!

1. Get some ZZZs. Please, please, please be kind to your­self and go to bed early… at least three times a week.

2. Drink lots of hy­drat­ing liq­uids. De­hy­dra­tion brings fa­tigue! Green tea gives you en­ergy and is also said to help with weight loss.

3. Plan your days. Write it all down and spread it out, so your daily sched­ule is doable.

4. Snack well. Eat whole grains such as quinoa. Vi­ta­min B helps to metabolise carbs into en­ergy, and hum­mus ( high in vit B) is the per­fect snack. You need plenty of vi­ta­min C – get this from berries, which are rich in an­tho­cyanins. Pro­tec­tive and heal­ing, they will get you over the hump of ex­haus­tion.

5. Move! Play your favourite dance mu­sic and get go­ing. You’ll re­lease en­dor­phins, the mood-boost­ing chem­i­cals.

7. Laugh! It’s the top stress­buster, so gather the fam­ily for a favourite funny film or TV show – mine’s Ab Fab.

8. Med­i­tate. This fa­tigue-booster can be done any­where, any time. Good med­i­ta­tion apps: Headspace, Calm and Smil­ing Mind. 9. If you take sup­ple­ments, try Rev­o­lu­tion Foods’ Thermo Plus cap­sules, £16.09 for 120 cap­sules. Nat­u­ral plant com­pounds speed your me­tab­o­lism, lower blood su­gar and curb crav­ings.

rich and fa­mous, Angie’s Fit­ness guru to Hol­ly­wood’s gym owner. She also looks a trained nu­tri­tion­ist and sen­sa­tional for 66!

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