Dear Glo­ria


She’s grand­mother of 10. is a mum of three and with the loss of her Glo­ria Hun­ni­ford and learned to deal been di­vorced, re­mar­ried is­sues. she bat­tles con­sumer Rip Off Bri­tain, daugh­ter and, on Glo­ria any­thing… ‘lived a lot’. So, ask In her own words, she’s I re­gret up­ping sticks and mov­ing

Last year, I moved my en­tire fam­ily to Wales in or­der to be closer to my par­ents – but I find I’m miss­ing Lon­don ter­ri­bly. I feel as if I can’t say a word to my hus­band or my kids, as I was the one who con­vinced them to move! I just feel like I want the buzz back, and I’m miss­ing my friends a lot. Of course, I’m so happy I can be here to look out for

Mum and Dad – but I’m bored out of my mind! What shall I do?

Kate, Snow­do­nia

Kate, you’ve ob­vi­ously re­lo­cated your hus­band and chil­dren to Wales for a good, solid rea­son – in or­der to be closer to your par­ents. I’m as­sum­ing that, for you, that was a big pri­or­ity. So, stick to those well­founded rea­sons. Just be­cause you miss your friends and a bit of a Lon­don buzz, it is not, in my opin­ion, enough of a rea­son to up­root your fam­ily all over again. Not yet, any­way. Why don’t you try the odd week­end in Lon­don with your pals to give you a ‘fix’? But re­mem­ber, in the big, wide scheme of things, fam­ily is every­thing.

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