The Diet Whisperer: Lose up to 2st by Xmas!

If your experience of diets has left you feeling confused about weight loss, then let authors of new book The Diet-Whisperer put you back in control, so you can lose pounds – for good!



1 Use keto-style dieting as a springboar­d into fat adaptation, say Drs Paul Chell and Monique Hope-Ross, authors of The DietWhispe­rer. That means teaching our bodies to re-learn how to burn fat. The Diet-Whisperer 12-week programme is based on two important components of fat adaptation: eating high-fat, low-carb foods to the ratio of 70 per cent fat, 25 per cent protein and five per cent carbs.

2 Second is the EatSpan™ and FastSpan™ elements. Every day we compress the time from the first meal to the last meal of the day, as much as possible, shortening our EatSpan. From dinner until breakfast is our FastSpan, when we naturally fast. This can be lengthened by skipping or delaying breakfast. Aim to make this as long as possible.

3 Snacks, including milk and fizzy drinks should be called ‘meals’ according to the Diet-Whisperers. The more carbs we eat in all forms, the more fat storage hormones are released, namely insulin. When you eat highly refined carbs, insulin stays in the blood for two hours and, when it’s present, fat can’t be burnt off.

4 Drinking too many sugary drinks can contribute to the hormonal imbalance that leads to hunger, high blood pressure and reduced food satisfacti­on; so you end up over eating!

5 Instead drink plenty of water (still or sparkling), black tea and coffee.

6 Know your omegas! Omega-6 fats are inflammato­ry and omega-3 fats are antiinflam­matory so good for our immune systems and health. Lowering the ratio of the two in our diet from the modern 20:1 to 3-4:1 offers many long-term health benefits. Eat plenty of oily fish, but cut out vegetable oils for cooking. Follow the plan and you could lose 26lbs in 12 weeks.

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