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For the week 22-28 June, with Russell Grant



22 June – 23 July Cancerians such as Hollywood royalty Meryl Streep and

After Life creator and star Ricky Gervais can be incredibly intuitive. In situations where they find themselves competing against others, they will be using a magical mix of perception and observatio­n to discover what their opponents are up to.


24 September

– 23 October

As friends take off on their travels or talk about holidays, don’t be surprised to find your own thoughts turning to places you’ve always loved to visit. If you haven’t already booked a break, you might feel ready to do so very soon. It doesn’t have to be very far away – just a change of scenery will be therapeuti­c.


22 December

– 20 January

This is a great time for new beginnings, especially if they involve your family. It will feel good to reconnect with relatives you haven’t seen for a while. Whether you are planning a family celebratio­n or redecorati­ng your home, your creative juices are flowing. So take this opportunit­y to turn ideas into reality.


21 March – 20 April You have lost interest in a project you had been incredibly enthusiast­ic about when it was first discussed. You almost daren’t admit to no longer being keen on this. Even so, you will be looking for ways to get out of this commitment as soon as possible. You’re ready to venture into unfamiliar territory as a way to escape an oppressive situation.


24 July – 23 August Any worries you have about an interview or important meeting will quickly dissolve when the time arrives. You will later wonder why you were so nervous. Your calm and rational outlook will help defuse an emotional drama and your confidence will grow as you handle the situation brilliantl­y. You’re on schedule for a great breakthrou­gh.


24 October

– 22 November Your workload is about to get heavier as you are required to cover for absent colleagues. You resent this slightly, but the time will come when you need some time off and hopefully they’ll do the same for you. Talks within the family will set exciting changes in motion, while fun friendship activities give you an attractive glow.


21 January

– 19 February Thoughts of holidays may inspire you to book a jaunt or weekend break. But news concerning your own or a partner’s career could cause havoc within the home, as plans need to be rearranged quickly. Yet you’ll enjoy the spontaneit­y of it all. The offer of a job involving lots of travel will be like a dream come true.


21 April – 21 May Give financial and property matters careful thought. Before sinking your savings into a risky venture, consider what you might be losing. People will be keen to tell you what you stand to possibly gain, but remember that word is ‘possibly’. If you haven’t made any future plans, now is a good time to set a goal and work towards it.


24 August

– 23 September

If you’re not the one who’s keeping a secret, then someone else is hiding the truth from you. Tread with care. An artistic venture will inspire you to experiment with more ideas. There will be praise and profit from your ability to create beautiful items. Selling your crafts on an online gallery is a strong possibilit­y.


23 November

– 21 December Quickly show your interest if you want to make the most of any opportunit­ies. In some cases there will be no time to think, so just jump in and enjoy the exciting consequenc­es. A strong hunch should not be ignored, so trust your intuition. Changing gear will feel exhilarati­ng and will be good for your health.


20 February

– 20 March

A friend who has always supported you through thick and thin may need your help. You are living up to your reputation of being kind, sensitive and caring, and you will put yourself out to help someone who isn’t in a position to do so themselves. A flash of insight will help you solve a health problem.


22 May – 21 June Someone could be reading more into a situation than is there, which could cause all sorts of complicati­ons in the future. It would be better for everyone concerned to sort out any confusion or misunderst­andings the moment it occurs. You feel encouraged to pursue a lifelong dream, so lean on a close tie for support.

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