I can see my neighbours’ garden very clearly from my bedroom window. They have two labradors that are looking increasing­ly sad, mangy and a little undernouri­shed. Only on rare occasions do I see the couple outside feeding or playing with them. I don’t see them take the dogs out for walks – and so asked the other day if I could take them to the park as I was going anyway, and they told me, aggressive­ly, to ‘mind my own business’ and slammed the door on me. I have no hard evidence but something’s not right. What should I do? I’m a little scared by this couple but as a total animal lover, I can’t stand by and watch!

Carol, Belfast

Well, I would say the answer here is glaringly simple. If you sincerely believe your neighbours’ dogs are being neglected in some way – then please, ring the RSPCA (anonymousl­y) and express your concerns. Of course, your neighbours might put two and two together and their animosity towards you could well increase – so that is something you need to be prepared for. But if you truly fear for the welfare of these animals, then I understand that you will probably see no alternativ­e.

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