Oh Richard! Why Mr Madeley doesn’t trust himself!

Richard Madeley has GMB viewers – and Twitter users – in stitches with his hilarious outbursts, but would we have him any other way?!


Before the recent Euro 2020 football final, TV legend Richard Madeley was tweeting excitedly about the Lions.

The 65-year-old, whose other half is Judy Finnigan. told fans that he was staying on the ‘Coca-Cola’, much as he needed a drink, as he was stepping in the following day to co-host Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid.

He then tweeted enthusiast­ically, ‘Right, going off Twitter now cos don’t trust myself not to go over top! See y’all in the morning! Start at 6am. Let’s hope it’s with trumpets, fanfares and fireworks! COME ON, ENGLAND!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!’

Sadly, an England victory was not meant to be – but Richard Madeley not trusting himself to go OTT? It sums up the excitable TV presenter, down to a tee.

Richard has proved not only popular as Susanna’s occasional co-host on GMB

– he’s also been amusing the country with his more bizarre, random comments and his unique take on the news!

Fans have, not for the first time, compared him to Steve Coogan’s fictional comic character, Alan Partridge.

It happened recently when he clashed with Dr Hilary Jones, as they debated Coronaviru­s restrictio­ns.

After Sir Patrick Vallance and Dr Chris Whitty delivered some sobering news about a rise in cases, co-host Susanna Reid asked: ‘Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Valance – what did you call them Richard?’

‘The Chuckle Brothers!’ he replied. After Susanna gave her concerned opinion, Richard turned to Dr Hilary and sniffed, ‘You’re going to agree with her, aren’t you?’

‘I am,’ the doc answered, before outlining his argument. And it wasn’t long before viewers took to Twitter to make the comparison between Richard and Partridge.

One viewer hilariousl­y tweeted, ‘It’s too early in the morning for Alan Partridge. Oh wait, it’s Richard Madeley #GMB.’ Others chimed in, ‘Alan Partridge presenting @GMB is the best that’s happened to that show!’, and, ‘Richard Madeley is so channellin­g his inner Alan Partridge on #GMB.’

There’s no denying Richard makes for pure TV gold. Not everyone agrees with his take on the news (and you can almost imagine Judy, watching him at home, shaking her head and sighing ‘Oh Richard!’).

But maybe he’s just what GMB needs to revive its fading fortunes, especially when he just can’t help ‘going over the top’…!

‘Alan Partridge is presenting GMB!’

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 ??  ?? Comedy creation Alan Partridge
Is Judy shaking her head at home?!
Comedy creation Alan Partridge Is Judy shaking her head at home?!

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