‘I don’t care, I’ll be dead!’

For Janet Street-Porter, the best send-off is no send-off at all, as the star reveals that she doesn’t even want a funeral…


‘I can’t bear the idea of a family funeral’

She takes a nononsense approach to life, so it should come as no surprise that when it comes to death, Janet Street-Porter has an equally matter-offact view.

But Loose Women viewers were still surprised to hear the presenter, 74, announce that she doesn’t even want to have a funeral.

Sitting on the panel alongside Kaye Adams, Linda Robson and Gloria Hunniford, when the subject of end-of-life ceremonies came up, Janet declared she wasn’t interested, saying : ‘No, I don’t want anything at all. I don’t want a funeral.’

‘ Why not?’ Gloria asked her, to which Janet replied: ‘ Why bother? I can’t see the point.’

Linda then chipped in: ‘It’s about a celebratio­n of your life!’

‘Oh well you can have a party here,’ Janet suggested, as Linda cheekily quipped: ‘ We will, don’t worry!’

But Janet was adamant she wants a no-fuss send-off – or, in fact, no send-off at all

‘I don’t care, I’ll be dead, When I kick the bucket, send me to the funeral home. I can’t bear the idea of having a family funeral… not that I have any family left.’

Gloria Hunniford, 81, however, took a very different view, opting for a more traditiona­l approach.

‘I know exactly what I think I’d like at my funeral. I want all the flowers, I want all the people there, I want the whole works.

‘I like the thought of having a bit of make-up and dressing quite nicely in something, and I’m going to have my phone with me just in case and a charger fitted in the coffin!’

Gloria went on to explain that her family often have open caskets at funerals, and she might do the same, saying: ‘A lot of people don’t like the thought of open coffins, but personally, in my family, everything is open-coffin.’

Janet then piped in, suggesting that Gloria’s open casket could even go on TV.

‘Gloria, why not have a coffin in the studio?! The first one of the Loose Women to go to the other side,’ she joked.

Loose Women fans were in hysterics at Janet’s wishes and took Twitter to comment.

‘Janet makes me die #LooseWomen,’ one person wrote,

But bearing in mind Janet has previously not ruled out living to 140, it will hopefully be a long time to wait for the sad non-event.

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 ??  ?? Gloria may opt for an open casket
Gloria may opt for an open casket

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