Guilty – and guilty!


As the police investigat­ed further into Duffy, it appeared, despite evading the police for so long, he’d left a trail of clues.

The biggest of which was the use of a stick in a tourniquet he used to strangle his victims. And there was the distinctiv­e ‘somyarn’ used in the murders – a ball of which had been found at Duffy’s parents’ house.

Also, a pile of burnt tissues found next to Maartje’s body linked her murder to the rapes. The rape victims had also been given tissues to wipe themselves after the attack in order to remove evidence.

Further investigat­ion discovered fibres from Duffy’s clothes on both Alison Day and

Maartje Tamboezer’s clothes. The evidence against him was now overwhelmi­ng.

In February 1988, John Duffy was found guilty of four rapes and the murders of Alison Day and teenager Maartje Tamboezer – but not of the television secretary Anne Lock, due to lack of evidence.

His work as a former railway carpenter meant he had good knowledge of the railway system, allowing him to hunt in deserted locations.

Duffy was sentenced to 30 years in jail but, while at first he did not admit to having an accomplice, the police knew from victim reports that there was a second man involved.

For nearly a decade, Duffy kept silent until, during a conversati­on with a psychiatri­st, he revealed he had an accomplice – who was still free.

It was 1997 and by now police could access advanced forensics and DNA. From Duffy’s testimony, David Mulcahy – a school friend of Duffy’s – was implicated.

A trial finally took place three years later. The two men were described as ‘two bodies with one brain’ for the way they hunted women and more chilling details came out, including the way Alison Day had pleaded for her life before they killed her. ‘She was saying

“Please, it’s only the moustache I have seen. I won’t tell anyone. Don’t hurt me,”’ Duffy recalled.

He added sickeningl­y that Mulcahy had acted like an ‘excited schoolboy’ as they murdered Maartje Tamboezer, clapping him on the back to congratula­te him.

The evidence was overwhelmi­ng and Mulcahy was found guilty in February 2001 of seven rapes, five conspiraci­es to rape and three murders. He received three life sentences, totalling 30 years.

Duffy was convicted of 17 more rapes and received an extra 12 years due to the new evidence.

Finally, justice had been served. The two evil men who had preyed on the innocent women of Greater London were finally locked up for life.

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‘They were described as two bodies with one brain’

 ??  ?? David Mulcahy was ‘excited’ by the murders
David Mulcahy was ‘excited’ by the murders
 ??  ?? John Duffy (left) and David Mulcahy as teenagers
John Duffy (left) and David Mulcahy as teenagers
 ??  ?? The murders are the focus of a TV series
The murders are the focus of a TV series

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