My husband is on his mobile more than ever these days and… something doesn’t feel right. He’s put a password on it for the first time in our 23-year marriage and I swear he always angles it away from me when we’re in the same room, so when he’s on it there’s no way I can glance at the screen. There are no other signs of him cheating as such, but my female intuition is telling me I need to get into that phone. Would you do the same?

Jenny, Manchester

I would be sorely tempted. Changes in behaviour, especially after so many years, are naturally suspicious. Instead of turning into a sleuth and trying to hijack your husband’s phone without him realising why not simply speak out and tell the truth? Simply say calmly: ‘I notice you’ve put a password on your phone and seem to be hiding it from me. Is there something you are not telling me? I feel uneasy.’ Watch his reaction, carefully. If he seems flustered, ask if he’d be happy for you to scroll through his device. You’ll know what to do next.

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