Witnesses remembered how Tracie hit Lee over the head with a bottle and punched him in the face when he visited ‘her’ nightclub during one of their break-ups. Another time, she’d bitten Lee on the neck, hard enough to remove a chunk of flesh, when she thought he’d been flirting with another woman.

He often went home with injuries after she’d kicked him out, but would always

end up going back. ‘She’s mental but I love her,’ he apparently told Maureen.

In fact, on the night of his murder, the two had been at the pub, having a drink to try and make up after yet another one of their bust-ups…

And it seemed that Lee wasn’t the only one who was a victim of Tracie’s temper. Previous boyfriends came forward to the police, saying that she’d attacked them, too.

As the forensic evidence came back, they revealed a worrying story. Lee had been clutching a clump of hair in his hand that turned out to be Tracie’s and the blood spatter marks on her clothes indicated that she was the attacker, rather than the attacked.

Police had also found a bloody imprint of a pen knife inside Tracie’s boot (left). Why would it be there… unless she was trying to conceal a weapon? But could the poor woman who had been so visibly shaken at the press conference and held the hand of the dead man’s mum, really be a cold-hearted killer?

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